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Restore Ubuntu GRUB

January 5th, 2009

Taken from http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-24113.html

Don’t forget that this method, as described, puts GRUB back on the MBR (master boot record) of the hard drive instead of in the root parititon. This is fine for most people, but not if you already have an alternative boot manager.

In other words, if you use something like Boot Magic or System Commander, the commands you’ve just read will overwrite what you’ve got.

If you’ve installed GRUB into the Root Partition instead of the MBR, the commands are a little different. Here’s are the instructions that I have for my system:

How to Restore the Grub Menu after a Re-Ghosting:

1. Boot from a Live CD, like Ubuntu Live, Knoppix, Mepis, or similar.

2. Open a Terminal. Go SuperUser (that is, type �su�). Enter root passwords as necessary.

3. Type �grub� which makes a GRUB prompt appear.

4. Type �find /boot/grub/stage1�. You’ll get a response like �(hd0)� or in my case �(hd0,3)�. Use whatever your computer spits out for the following lines.

5. Type �root (hd0,3)�.

6. Type �setup (hd0,3)�. This is key. Other instructions say to use �(hd0)�, and that’s fine if you want to write GRUB to the MBR. If you want to write it to your linux root partition, then you want the number after the comma, such as �(hd0,3)�.

7. Type �quit�.

8. Restart the system. Remove the bootable CD.

Hope this helps. Since I use Norton Ghost to make regular backups and restores (I do a lot of testing), I do this all the time�



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