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Happy Thanksgiving

November 26th, 2010

This time of year. Time to give thanks for everything that GOD had gave us.

Firstly thank you GOD for giving me strength for enduring this year. This year is full of problem, but I know You will guide me trough all these.

Thank you for all family, friends, for their love and support.

And all these year I use open source programming as my source of income, and never said any thanks. This year, I would like to address a thanks to the following:

- PHP Language. We’ve been together for 10 years now. Thanks for all the updates and security patches from PHP dev Team. Thanks for the easy to understand language.
- Ubuntu Linux. For being a great development OS for last 3 years. Ubuntu server had been installed on all my client.
- Apache Server. Running on all my server.
- MySQL. For keeping open source database for as long I learn database. Very stable and good for small – medium company.
- Komodo Edit. A very nice GUI for coding. Support all the language I use, PHP, SQL, Jquery, etc.
- JQuery. A neat, very fast, easily expandable and beautiful Javascript Framework.
- Bazaar. For keeping my source safe.
- Titanium Developer. New IPhone rapid development framework that I just learned. Very inspirational.

Thank you for the hard work developing these software. Happy Thanks Giving to all.


programming, web, zuru zuru

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